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Illuminate your bathroom with the effortless beauty of natural light.


Full range of colours, finishes and glass types to complement all project types.

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From the initial design concept to the completed installation, we can provide design inspiration, technical drawings and compliance certification.

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The highest-grade toughened safety glass and solid brass hardware ensure long-lasting quality.

Frameless Shower Screen

Flawless design, precision installation.

Creating and installing the perfect frameless shower screens requires know-how, skill, and a good eye for design. Before starting construction, talking with an experienced glass installer like Infinity Glass is essential.

Our team can help you choose the right design, glass and hardware for your project. We’ll also warn you about common mistakes to watch out for during the planning and building phase.

Combining all these factors can make the difference between a smooth, successful project and a series of expensive mistakes and delays.

Examples of our work.

We strive to provide the best service in Sydney by focusing on a few key areas.

You will be involved in decision-making from start to finish. Our team will work closely with you at every step, ensuring you have all the necessary information to make informed choices. We’re here to provide options and create solutions with you rather than for you.

Focus and precision are essential when working with glass. Our motto is measure twice, cut once. Our industry experience and attention to detail ensures your project runs smoothly from start to finish and is completed on time.

We know the importance of building strong relationships through being available and responsive. We speak your language and know the importance of keeping you in the loop at all times, on all decisions.

Our experienced installation team will arrive on time, ready to get to work. They will speak your language, respect your space and clean up after themselves ensuring an efficient and problem free installation process.

Safety Standards.

You can be assured that all Infinity Glass products meet or exceed Australian Standards and national construction codes using only the highest quality glass and fittings. We’re currently on industry standards and regulations and provide a 100% compliance guarantee.

Shapes & Styles.

Expertly Crafted Frameless Glass Shower Screens for Every Bathroom Space.

Frameless glass corner shower screen chrome hardware

Corner Shower(3 panel)

A frameless glass shower screen is an enclosure with a hinged door. A three-sided corner shower typically has a large fixed panel, a small hinge panel, and a door that opens/closes at the return panel. Learn more.

Frameless corner shower screen 4 panel

Corner shower(4 panel)

For larger bathrooms, a 4-panel corner shower screen allows the door to be positioned away from the corner where desirable. Learn more.

Frameless corner shower screen over bath

Corner shower over bath

Similar to a standard 3-panel corner shower, this design is for custom shower screens where a bath or nib wall forms a part of one side of the screen. Learn more.

Frameless walk in corner shower (no door)

Walk-in corner shower

If you prefer the ease and style of a walk-in shower with no door and a bit of water spillage as a deterrent, this design provides plenty of coverage with a minimalistic design and footprint. Learn more.

Frameless fixed panel shower screen

Shower Fixed panel

The simplest of all frameless glass shower screens, the fixed panel is ideal for those seeking a minimalist look and ease of entry and exit.

Bath fixed panel glass shower screen

Bath Fixed Panel

The bath fixed panel is the most popular option, where maximum coverage is the goal.

Frameless glass bath hinge panel and pivot door shower screen

Bath hinge panel + pivot door

Designed to allow greater access to the tap end of the bath for bathing children or accessing the mixer, a pivot door on a bath provides ultimate flexibility for the entire family.

Frameless wall-to-wall 2 panel shower screen

Wall-to-wall (2 panel)

For smaller spaces between two walls, the 2-panel wall-to-wall shower screen is a complete enclosure that provides excellent water coverage.

Wall-to-wall frameless glass 3 panel shower screen

Wall-to-wall (3 panel)

For larger spaces between two walls, the 3-panel wall-to-wall shower screen offers greater flexibility in door positioning and access around other bathroom fixtures.

Frameless gass wall-mounted door

Wall-mounted door

A wall-mounted door is the only option in a space that’s less than 800mm wide.

Low iron frameless glass diamond corner shower screen

Diamond corner shower

The diamond-shaped frameless corner shower is ideal for tight spaces. With a reduced footprint and all the benefits of a total shower enclosure, this design will increase the usable space and flow in smaller-size bathrooms.

Glass wall to wall slider shower screen

Wall-to-wall sliding shower

The wall-to-wall slider is perfect if the area outside the shower is congested and a pivot door will clash with other bathroom fixtures.

Framless glass corner slider shower screen

Corner sliding shower

Generally used in larger bathroom layouts, the corner slider is supported by one wall and a fixed (return) panel.

ClearShield® Glass Protection.

ClearShield® is a one time, permanent glass coating that repels dirt, grime and bacteria whilst reducing cleaning frequency by up to 80%. It promotes a hygienic environment, extends glass life and saves money by eliminating the need for chemical sprays and harsh cleaning products.

Hardware & Finishes.

Our shower screen hardware is mostly made from solid brass, then coated to achieve the different finishes, as pictured below. Most shower screens will have brackets that connect the glass to the wall, hinges that allow the door to pivot inwards and outwards, a door knob, an aluminium water bar (where required) and a PVC water deflector beneath the shower door.

Polished Chrome

Polished Chrome

Matte Black

Matte Black

Gunmetal Grey

Satin Nickel

Brushed Brass

Brushed Brass

Gunmetal Grey

Glass to glass shower door hinge


Shower screen wall bracket

Wall bracket

Shower door knob polished chrome

Door knob

Measure-up and Installation

After you confirm the job, an Infinity Glass team member will come to measure your bathroom. All tiling must be completed before we can take final measurements. Our team will carefully check the walls and floor levels around the shower and create a custom glass design that fits your bathroom to the millimetre. We’ll confirm the design style, size, height, and hardware finish during the measure up. We’ll let you know if any changes are needed before moving forward.

Typically your new shower screen will be ready in 7-10 days. Our expert installers will confirm a day and time to complete the installation. Depending on the design, the number of shower screens and the job’s complexity they will be finished in approximately 1-3 hours.

Glass types.

All Infinity Glass frameless shower screens are made using 10mm A-grade toughened safety glass.

Standard Clear Glass

Standard clear

This is Australia’s most common type of glass shower screen. Standard clear glass has a slight green hue and darkish edges.

Low iron ultra clear glass

Low iron ultra clear

The designer’s choice is a step up in quality, low iron glass due to its superior clarity. The low iron glass shower screen is like window glass with a blue hue along the edges.

Frosted glass


The frosted shower screen is recommended when privacy is essential. The acid-etched glass allows the light to pass through but provides a visual barrier from the outside of the glass. Acid-etched glass has an opaque appearance with darkish edges.

Fluted glass


A new style of high-end glass, the fluted glass shower screen offers a unique touch. Narrow line glass, characterized by its fluted texture on one side and smooth surface on the other, presents versatile design possibilities. These lines can run either vertically or horizontally, providing an appealing aesthetic and a contemporary substitute for frosted glass, ensuring a balance between style and moderate privacy.

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What our clients say.

Some kind words from our respected clients.

Friendly fast service and a quality job at a reasonable price.
Trevor Fowler
Trevor Fowler
Infinity Glass supplied and fixed my bespoke shower screen. Installer was friendly and professional. Very happy with the result. Recommended.
I Beckett
I Beckett
So happy with the shower door installed! Brett is prompt in communication and the installation was efficient and professional. 5 star highly recommended!!!!
Daniel Ng
Daniel Ng
Thanks to Brett and his team, we have installed some beautiful glass ballustrades internally and externally! Highly recommended. Very professional.
Brian Richards
Brian Richards
I have used Infinity Glass on two occasions, and have found them to be prompt, friendly and well-priced. Brett is responsive, flexible and professional and does a high quality job.
Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy
Great work. Easy to communicate with. Turned up on time and did a neat, quick install of our 3 panel shower screen including a door. Thanks
Daniel Nascimento
Daniel Nascimento
Brett at Infinity Glass was Fantastic in every aspect from start to finish when we decided to replace the shower screens in both our bathrooms to frameless. He was quick to reply to our initial request for a quote and came out to measure up and go through all the options and designs. He took all the old parts with him and left us very happy with the end result. If you want to replace your existing shower screens Infinity Glass is the place to go, i cant recommend them highly enough!
Michael Ruhfus
Michael Ruhfus
Everything from the quote to the measure to the installation was made easy. Brett is committed to customer service and delivering a high quality product. I wish the rest of the renovation process was this stress-free. Very highly recommended Infinity.
Chevy van Dorssen
Chevy van Dorssen
Can’t recommend Brett at Infinity Glass highly enough. He was so lovely and helpful during my initial phone enquiry, answering all my questions, and he was very reliable in every aspect of the process. Super happy with our shower screens and the impeccable service!
Annie Chan
Annie Chan
Highly recommended Brett - very well priced, reliable and honest.

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What are the differences between a “semi frameless shower screen” and a “frameless shower screen?2023-08-10T12:10:52+10:00

The main difference between a “semi-frameless shower screen” and a “frameless shower screen” lies in the design and construction of the shower screen.

Semi Frameless Shower Screen:

  • A semi-frameless shower screen typically has a frame around the perimeter of the glass panels but usually not around the door itself.
  • The frame is usually made of aluminium or another material and is used to secure the glass panels and provide structural support.
  • A semi-frameless shower screen door may have a frameless appearance, but it is often attached to the frame with hinges.
  • Semi-frameless shower screens offer a more budget-friendly option than fully frameless ones while still providing a sleek and modern look.

Frameless Shower Screen:

  • A frameless shower screen has no visible framing around the glass panels or door.
  • The glass panels are usually thicker (commonly 10mm) and are secured with discreet, minimal hardware or fittings.
  • Frameless shower screens are known for their clean, minimalist, and contemporary appearance, allowing a seamless bathroom view and creating a sense of spaciousness.
  • Frameless shower screens are considered a premium option due to the precision and engineering required for their installation.
What are the benefits of installing a frameless corner shower screen?2023-08-10T12:10:52+10:00

Installing a corner shower screen has several benefits. It maximizes the use of space in your bathroom, making it an excellent choice for small and large bathrooms. Corner shower screens also add a sleek, modern touch to your bathroom decor. Their glass panels create an illusion of spaciousness, making your bathroom appear larger and brighter. In addition, they’re highly durable and easy to clean, offering a practical solution for your shower needs.
Check out all our options when thinking about your frameless shower screen. We’re also more than happy to help you decide the best option.

How much space is needed to install a frameless corner shower screen?2023-08-10T12:10:52+10:00

The space required for a corner shower screen can vary based on the design and dimensions of the screen. However, a typical corner shower enclosure can fit comfortably into a 91cm x 91cm corner. This can vary if you choose a larger design or a custom corner shower screen. It’s always recommended to measure your bathroom space accurately and consult with professionals like Infinity Glass to ensure the best fit.

How does a frameless corner shower screen differ from a wall-to-wall shower screen?2023-08-10T12:10:52+10:00

A corner shower screen and a wall-to-wall shower screen differ primarily in their design and placement within the bathroom. A corner shower screen is designed to fit into a corner of the bathroom and typically has two glass panels forming a 90-degree angle, one of them being a door. On the other hand, a wall-to-wall shower screen spans from one wall to another across the width of the bathroom and usually has a sliding or pivot door. While both offer a modern look and efficient use of space, the choice often depends on your bathroom layout and personal preference.
Check out all the other options when thinking about your frameless shower screen.

Can I install a corner shower screen in a small bathroom?2023-08-10T12:10:52+10:00

Absolutely! A corner shower screen is an ideal choice for small bathrooms. Thanks to its design, it efficiently uses the corner space that might otherwise be wasted. It frees up the rest of the bathroom by occupying the corner, creating more room for other elements. The glass panels of the shower screen also create an illusion of more space, making your small bathroom appear larger. With various designs available, you can find a corner shower screen that perfectly fits your small bathroom.

What is Toughened Glass?2023-08-10T12:11:06+10:00

Toughened glass, also known as tempered glass, is a type of safety glass designed to be more resistant to breakage and shattering than ordinary annealed glass.

The toughening process involves heating the glass to a very high temperature and then rapidly cooling it using quenching. This creates a surface layer of compression on the glass, which makes it much more robust than regular glass. If the toughened glass does break, it will shatter into small, rounded pieces rather than sharp, jagged shards, which makes it much safer.

Toughened glass is commonly used in applications where safety is a concern, such as in car windows, building windows, shower screens, and glass doors. It is also used in other applications requiring increased strength and durability, such as furniture, kitchen appliances, and electronic devices.

What is the best type of frameless shower screen to suit my bathroom?2023-08-10T12:10:53+10:00

Many factors will contribute to the design of your frameless glass shower screen. The size of your bathroom, the placement of fixtures, the desired style and flow, and the vision for the space. At Infinity Glass, we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. You provide the canvas. We’ll help you paint it any way you like.

How quickly can you measure and install my frameless shower screen?2023-08-10T12:10:53+10:00

Once a job is confirmed and the bathroom build or renovation has been completed, we can be on-site to measure within a few days. The lead time from measure up to installation is generally 7-10 days.

What’s the benefit of a custom-measured frameless shower screen over a standard, size off-the-shelf screen?2023-08-10T12:10:53+10:00

We offer custom-measured frameless shower screens that are tailored to fit the exact dimensions of your shower space, taking into account any irregularities in the floor and walls. This ensures a perfect fit, even if the room is not square or level. We can adjust the glass size by millimetres to ensure a seamless installation. Off-the-shelf shower screens only fit in standard-size recesses where the walls and floor are perfectly square, which is uncommon these days.

I hate cleaning with a passion. Can I do anything to make my frameless shower screen easier to maintain?2023-08-10T12:10:53+10:00

Absolutely. We offer a one-time, in-factory glass treatment called ClearShield® that reduces cleaning frequency by up to 80%. Clear Shield is a permanent, invisible coating that prevents the adhesion and buildup of contaminants on glass surfaces and works similarly to non-stick cookware. The treatment also extends the life of your glass shower screen, adding extra value for years to come.

Learn more about ClearShield®.

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If you already know what’s what and you just want a seasoned professional to handle your job, then tell us what you need and let’s get started. Big or small, simple or complex, we use the best materials on the market and provide a level of service rarely seen in the tradie world.

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