Your New Bathroom with a Frameless Shower Screen

We provide a sense of style with our sleek and elegant products. We will assess your requirements and determine a practical solution to your specifications, and we can advise on the optimum screen to suit your desire. Our frameless shower screens are premium-quality, toughened safety glass and what’s more, they are cost-effective for the investment you are making. We are committed to delivering outstanding service to every client and won’t disappoint. Frameless shower screens in Sydney by Infinity Glass offer minimal hardware fittings and make smaller bathrooms look more spacious. They are sophisticated with a modern look beyond framed or semi-framed shower screens. You can select from left or right-opening, as most screens are reversible depending on your specifications. Thicker glass than framed screens, Infinity Glass’ frameless shower screens are generally around ten millimetres thick. While there is the DIY option, a professional install by Infinity Glass is recommended. There are options for frameless shower screens such as over the bath, over the bathtub if you have one or wall-to-wall. Over-the-bath options include two-panel screens where one is fixed, and one is a swinging door from the fixed screen, a one-panel screen door or one fixed panel screen. Bathtub screening options range from one fixed panel, one swinging glass screen door, one fixed panel, and one swinging door. Wall-to-wall looks fabulous, and if you are doing this yourself, you will need to measure the space between the two walls along the floor tiles with a tape measure and specify the closest in millimetres. From there, you can decide whether to install a one, two or three-panel frameless shower screen by Infinity Glass.


It’s Easy to Clean

Your new frameless shower screen is easy to clean and maintain, so it always looks stunning in your bathroom. We want your screen to be durable and last for years while still looking almost as new as the day you installed it. Soap scum, calcium deposits and other substances can stick to the surface, and it is wise to remove these as quickly as possible otherwise, they can stain your screen. We recommend you use quality glass cleaning products for your bathroom, and using quality for your screen ensures it stays clear and fresh for longer. Frameless shower screens are best wiped with a squeegee after each shower. To clean when the glass is dry, spray the panel(s) with a few squirts of a quality cleaning product for glass and use a squeegee to spread it over the glass, then rinse off the cleaning product with water. It doesn’t take long, but regular cleaning of your shower screen can aid in reducing soap scum and calcium deposit build-up. Your frameless shower screen with Infinity Glass will look stunning for years. We utilise premium-grade glass and fixings compliant with Australian standards, and our products and service are exceptional.  


Infinity Glass’ Frameless Shower Screens in Sydney

With over ten years of experience, Infinity Glass is well-equipped to deliver frameless glass requirements for residential and commercial properties. Infinity Glass caters for frameless shower screens; we have extensive experience and expertise that is second to none. Furthermore, we provide economical solutions while ensuring your frameless shower screen looks amazing in your bathroom. If you are building your brand-new home or considering renovating it to spruce it up, Infinity Glass is here to help. We are Sydney’s one-stop-stop-shop for frameless glass solutions tailored to your requirements. Glass is a magnificent way to make your home look stunning while giving you a view as we do pool glass fencing and balustrades too.

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