It is important to ensure you get high-quality frameless glass for your home. This recent story on A Current Affair shows the dangers of cheap inferior glass.

Infinity Glass sources all our glass locally and is always certified to Australian standards! We guarantee we only use the highest quality glass to ensure your home is safe.

All the frameless glass and hardware supplied by our company comply with AS/NZS1288, AS/NZS2208, AS/NZS1170.1 & AS/NZS1170.2.

Aussie families were horrified after glass panelling in their homes and backyards unexpectedly exploded.

Tradie Mark Poynder was left bloodied after a glass shower screen he installed unexpectedly exploded, injuring himself and a friend.

“We were both frightened, bloodied, my finger was cut, my friend had cuts to his neck, and we’re lucky, so lucky we weren’t blinded,” Mr Poynder told A Current Affair.

The frameless screen was purchased for $300 and made by Highgrove Glass Solutions, an Australian company owned by Gale Pacific.

Father-of-two Robert Fleming from Darwin also had glass panelling from the same company installed to fence his backyard pool, but it, too, shattered unexpectedly one morning.

“If my little 18-month daughter was standing right next to it, I can guarantee she would have been killed,” Mr Fleming said.

“Is it going to take a death before someone does anything?”

In a similar incident, Sue Clyde-Smith from Cairns had one of the glass panels surrounding her pool explode.

“The glass had shattered totally, and it had exploded out to hit the brick wall around the pool,” Ms Clyde-Smith told A Current Affair.

Her glass fencing came from the company Glasstech based in Cairns.

Victims believe imports from China could be to blame.

“Highgrove glass is manufactured in China to applicable Australian Standards,” Gale Pacific’s Managing Director Nick Pritchard said in a statement.

“We have received a very small number of consumer issues around product quality which usually arise at or around installation time.”

Meanwhile, Glasstech in Cairns claims all its glass is made in Australia and meets national standards, with its toughened glass panels stamped accordingly.

“I’m yet to hear of any Glasstech panels exploding after production/installation in all my years, a reflection of the high-quality glass we are supplied,” General Manager Craig Bryant said.

The Australian Glass and Glazing Association recommends that consumers receive the correct documentation ensuring the product meets Australian standards.

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