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Shower Screen FAQ’s

Commonly Asked Questions

What’s the benefit of a custom measured frameless shower screen over a standard size screen?

Are you able to provide advice on the best type of frameless shower screen to suit my bathroom?

Can I get an immediate quote online without having to speak with someone first?

I’d like to order a frameless shower screen, can I do this online and make a payment?

How quickly can you deliver or install my frameless shower screen?

Do you service and deliver to all parts of Sydney?

My bathroom is currently being renovated, when should I get you to come and measure up my bathroom?

Can I install a frameless shower screen myself?

The walls and floor in my bathroom aren’t level, can I install a standard size shower screen?

I hate cleaning with a passion, is there anything I can do to make my frameless shower screen easier to maintain?

Do you sell semi-framed or framed shower screens?

Pool Fence FAQ's

Commonly Asked Questions

Why should I choose Infinity Glass for my frameless glass pool fence?

I’m not really sure what I want, can you advise me on the style of pool fence best suited to my pool and outdoor area?

How does a frameless pool fence get mounted to the pool surround?

I don’t really understand pool fence regulations, are you able to advise me on what’s required to be compliant?

How quickly can you install my pool fence?

What areas do you service?

My pool is currently under construction. When should I talk to you about the pool fence?

I have an old pool fence in place, can you demolish and remove it for me?

Do you supply or install other types of pool fencing like semi-framed or aluminium?

Does all your glass meet Australian safety standards for pool fencing?

What hardware do you use for frameless glass pool fencing? Are there different styles and finishes available?

My pool surround is partially covered by decking, are you able to install a frameless pool fence on the concrete slab and the deck?