Infinity Glass Warranty Information


Limited 5 Year Hardware Warranty

We offer a 5 year warranty on all workmanship and hardware for shower screens, balustrades and pool fences. excluding pool fence/balustrade gate hinges and latches. This warranty covers shower screen clamps and hinges, spigots, face fixed hardware(stand offs), clamps, hand rail and top rail or capping. 
We offer a 3 year warranty on pool fence/balustrade gate hinges and latches.  Propping open a gate for any period of time will adversely affect functionality and issues arising from such are not covered by warranty. 
Please note that due to the intrinsic nature of glass our guarantee does not cover spontaneous glass breakage or scratches. * In addition, while all care is taken in regard to tiles and plumbing behind walls, we take no responsibility for these factors as unknown pre-existing conditions, for which we have no control, can detrimentally affect the new installation. 

Infinity Glass – Limited Warranty (this “Warranty”)

Infinity Glass Pty Ltd  provides a limited warranty on all glass, hardware and product components, with some exceptions for specific product lines that carry their own manufacturers warranties or products such as Plastic, Aluminium, Rubber, and Glass products which carry a three (3) years warranty. Glass breakage is not covered by any warranty (misuse, incorrect installation, improper cleaning methods are not covered by any warranty).

This warranty is only to the original purchaser of the product or to the first consumer for whom the product has been installed by a contractor.

This warranty is not transferrable to any other subsequent owner of the product.

Subject to the conditions and limitations set out below, Infinity Glass warrants to the original purchaser of a product that so long as the original purchaser owns that product it will be free from all defects due to an error in manufacture.

If a defect in the product arises then the purchaser must notifiy Infinity Glass within 14 days of discovering the defect and return the defective product or a defective component part of the product to Infinity Glass, freight prepaid, together with a proof of purchase.

Infinity Glass will at its option rectify or replace without charge to the customer, damage or faults on products or parts agreed at Infinity Glass’s discretion to be caused by an error in manufacture. No claim under this warranty will be accepted for slight discrepancies from specifications which are immaterial to the value and use of the products, damage due to chemical, electrochemical effects of water, or general inappropriate use or environmental conditions.  If the product is no longer produced Infinity Glass may supply an equivalent replacement product, or if this is not possible, then repay the original invoiced price to the purchaser.

Any parts replaced become the property of Infinity Glass.

Infinity Glass will not be liable for the dismantling at site, return or reassembly at site of the product or to any structure to which it is affixed.

Repairs or replacements under this warranty do not extend the warranty period and do not initiate a new warranty period and the warranty period for any replacement parts ends together with the warranty for the entire product.

The warranty is not transferrable.

This warranty does not apply in respect of defects arising from :

  1. Normal wear and tear;
  2. The failure to follow any installation procedures, operation, or maintenance specified or recommended by Infinity Glass for the product.
  3. Any circumstances beyond the control of Infinity Glass, such as unauthorised repairs, tampering, misuse, abuse, accident, damage in transit, natural events, or damage caused by animals.
  4. Defect in any framework or substrate to which the product has been installed supporting the product.
  5. Faulty workmanship of any person in the installation of the product.

The benefits to the purchaser given by this warranty are in addition to all rights and remedies conveyed by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Commonwealth) and any other statutory rights to which the purchaser may already be entitled, and this warranty does not exclude, restrict or modify any such rights or remedies implied by law.

Infinity Glass will not be responsible for consequential damages (such as loss of use) inconvenience, loss or damage to personal property, whether direct or economic, and whether arising in the contract or tort. Under this warranty, Infinity Glass’s responsibility shall not exceed the purchase price of the component or its replacement.

No other express warranty or representation has been made or will be made on behalf of Infinity Glass  with respect to its hardware components. No representative of Infinity Glass or its distributors or resellers are authorised to make any changes to this warranty contract.

* Note: Intrinsic to the nature of glass and the toughening process an inherent fault exists whereby a panel of glass may, without any identifiable reason, fracture and break. This is a rare condition however we are legally obliged to inform you of this issue pursuant to “Consumer Guarantees” – “Exceptions to Guarantees” as outlined by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission under the point: “knew of or were made aware of the faults before you bought the product”. This product and your foreknowledge therefore falls under this category for exception to guarantee.