Permanent Glass Protection Treatment for your Shower Screen or Pool Fence

A Breakthrough in Glass Protection - Cutting edge technology for glass protection.Clear Shield is a permanent, invisible coating that prevents the adhesion and buildup of contaminants onto the glass surface. It also provides oil and water repellent properties. Working similarly to non-stick cookware, Clear Shied treated glass becomes easier to clean without the need for harsh chemicals. You’ll only need to use water and a mild detergent or a damp microfiber cloth. No more scaling or scrubbing!Investing in glass protection also helps prevent the build-up of mould and harmful bacteria, promoting a more hygienic, germ free environment. Benefits of Glass...

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Spring Sale is on! All frameless shower screens & pool fencing - Save 15% online

Frameless Glass SPRING SALE - SAVE 15% off all Frameless Shower Screens and all Frameless Pool Fencing in store. How it works: You pick your shower style You pick your size You pick a DIY pack or get us to Install. Free delivery on all orders over $500. Order your shower screen now for Xmas delivery. View Sale Items Now.

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Why Choose Frameless Glass Pool Fencing?

Glass pool fencing has taken off as the preferred fencing solution for Australian homes. It not only looks beautiful, it adds value to your home. It has always been admired and envied, but many homeowners hesitated to look into glass fences to enclose their pool areas. Sometimes it was because they assumed it would be too expensive and sometimes they thought it would be too fragile for their rough and tumble families. Now that the word is out that glass pool fencing is both affordable and durable, pool owners are not hesitating anymore. Different types of Frameless Glass Pool Fence...

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Registering your pool and spa in NSW

swimming pool fences

To register your pool in NSW, you will need to complete the online form on the NSW Government's website: 1 - enter your email addressStep 2 - click on the link in the email to go to the registration page.Step 3 - answer the four questions by choosing the answer the best matches your swimming pool.Step 4 - depending on the information you enter, the relevant pool safety checklist will be providedStep 5 - inspect your pool using the checklist provided.Step 6 - complete the registration form and a registration certificate will provided to confirm that your pool is...

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NSW Government gives pool fence compliance extension - You still have time to get your swimming pool fence certified.

government regulations swimming pool fences

The NSW Office of Local Government announced on Friday (28th March 2014) that the provisions requiring a property with a swimming pool to have a certificate of compliance before it is sold or leased will now commence on the 29th April 2015.Pool owners across the state will now have more time to ensure swimming pools and spas are compliant prior to the sale or lease of their property after the Real Estate Institute of NSW voiced its concerns earlier this year.“Real estate industry representatives want more time to ensure properties with a pool are compliant before selling or leasing.” Ross...

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