Infinity Glass makes bathroom renovation planning easy - You get instant pricing, order & pay with PayPal online

Where else can you get instant pricing on a wide range of standard sized shower screen panels and custom made showers online?

We’ve made it easy for you to plan your renovation by delivering a range of standard shower screen panels as well as custom made shower screens available in incremental size options. You can even choose if you want your shower bracket fixed or channel fixed, or if you want standard glass or the superior Clear Starphire glass. We also offer Glass Protection, meaning you won't need to clean it so often or use harsh chemicals and keeping your shower screen looking 'NEW' for longer.

Planning a bathroom renovation can be hectic to say the least, you can be phoning tradespeople, waiting for a call-back, waiting for quotes to come in, waiting for those tradespeople to actually turn up… the list goes on. All of the Infinity Glass employees have been in the glass business a long time, and each have renovated their own bathrooms, so we know what it’s like.

This is why we thought it would be a great idea to be able to have access to a website, where you can select the type of shower you want, the size you want and get a price INSTANTLY. You can be on the train on the way to work, on your lunch break, lying in bed late at night, and still be able to get an instant quote for your shower screen so you can budget your entire renovation quickly and easily.

The Infinity Glass Advantage:

  • Get instant online pricing
  • Huge range of sizes & configurations available online
  • Order your glass online
  • Safe payment gateway with PayPal
  • Standard sized shower panels
  • Custom made shower screens
  • If you can’t find what you want online, you can call us.
  • We offer high quality glass at affordable prices
  • Guaranteed Australian Standards compliant glass

When you purchase your glass with us, you can rest assured that your order is made securely and protected by PayPal’s strict guidelines.  We know that purchasing a shower screen or pool fence is a big investment, that’s why we chose to secure our online store with PayPal. Your order will arrive, or the PayPal system will withhold the payment from us and you’ll get your money back.

We take great pride in our work and want our customers to feel completely confident that when they order online, they are being protected by PayPal’s system.

Enjoy browsing our site and planning your bathroom renovation and remember, if you can’t find a specific size or configuration for your project, please contact us by email or phone us on 0404 999 050.

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